Our attorney for theft in Wheaton, Darius Sethna, will protect your rights and protect your future

Wheaton, Illinois is a beautiful place to live with crime rates that are low: 51% below the national average. However, every year there are numerous instances of theft. In fact, theft makes up about 85% of the crimes committed in Wheaton. If you have been charged with theft, you will need an attorney for theft in Wheaton. At Sethna & Cook, PC, we have experience and commitment to pursue justice and will provide a defense strategy that will protect your rights and protect your future.

In Illinois, theft law covers a broad range of conduct including: 

  • retail theft 
  • auto theft 
  • burglary 
  • online theft 
  • identity theft
  • larceny
  • embezzlement 
  • extortion 
  • receiving stolen property

Because of the broad array, there are also many different classifications and penalties. These can range from a Class A Misdemeanor Theft all the way to Class X Felony Theft. The penalties for these infractions can go from small fines and minimal jail time to 30 years of jail time and payment of restitution. In order to make sure that your future is not in jeopardy, if you have been charged with one of these crimes, you should hire an attorney for theft in Wheaton from the law firm of Sethna & Cook, PC. We will present a comprehensive defense strategy and pursue justice on your behalf.

Theft Law in Illinois

There are a few main types of theft offenses in the state of Illinois.

  1. Retail Theft – This includes situations where the property involved was stolen and when the theft was committed with the intent to deprive the owner of the property. 
  2. Auto Theft – A person can be charged with auto theft if they receive, possess, alter, conceal, sell, dispose of, or transfer a vehicle that is stolen. 
  3. Burglary – When a person enters a property without authorization and with intent to commit a felony or  theft, it is classified as a burglary. 
  4. Identity Theft – This is a very broad category and can include using another person’s identity to:
    1. obtain credit,documents, money or goods and services, 
    2. Commit any other felony,
    3. Sell that identity,
    4. Access personal information and portray themselves as that other person,
    5. Or for gaining access to records.

What are the penalties for different types of theft?

How an attorney for theft in Wheaton can help

Our team at Sethna & Cook, PC is devoted to serving Wheaton and the surrounding areas. To provide the best possible defense against theft, we ask you to meet with our attorney for theft in Wheaton, Darius Sethna, to discuss your options. We will discuss the different classifications and penalties and provide a defense strategy that will help you receive justice. After the case is filed, we will provide you with detailed updates and we will work to get a fair and just outcome for you.

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