Our divorce lawyers in DuPage County IL focus on protecting you, protecting your family, and protecting your future

The emotional turmoil that accompanies any family law issue, makes these cases particularly difficult. At Sethna & Cook, P.C., our divorce lawyers in DuPage County IL, recognize that this can be a distressing time. That is why our focus is always on protecting our clients, protecting their families, and protecting their futures. 

Whether your marriage is ending, paternity has come into question, or one party is not adhering to the previous judgement, we will help you navigate and overcome this difficult situation. Most importantly, we will help you negotiate a settlement or we will litigate your issue in court to ensure you receive an outcome that is just.

Our divorce lawyers in DuPage County IL can assist you with any of your family law needs

Divorce Lawyers in DuPage County IL will help you with your happy ending


When you got married, you most likely did not consider that one day you would be filing for divorce (legally called “dissolution of marriage”), which can make this process more difficult. Our experience in family law and our passion to protect our clients makes our divorce lawyers in DuPage County IL, unmatched when it comes to guiding you through the process and getting results. 

That is because we are honest professionals who will not waste your time or placate you with bad advice. Rather, we will focus on reasonable resolutions, so you can rebuild and move forward with your life. 

Your best interests will be considered by your Wheaton IL Family Lawyers
  • Property division includes marital assets and liabilities such as: a business, a house, vehicles, retirement plans, investments, and even debt.
  • Spousal support / maintenance, in certain circumstances, provides the partner with the lower income additional money to maintain a quality standard of living.
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities includes major decision making for children such as: education, religion, extracurricular activities, medical care, and day to day decisions that will need to be made.
  • Parenting time / visitation is a major issue that needs to be settled when children are involved in a divorce. Decisions will need to be made about where children live, when and where they vacation, or who they spend special holidays with.
  • Child Support laws in Illinois have recently changed and parenting time as well as incomes of both parties are taken into consideration.
Happy couples can seek pre or post nuptial agreements with Sethna & Cook, P.C.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

It is becoming more commonplace for couples entering into marriage, or already married, to seek legal representation for prenuptial agreements or postnuptial agreements. It is especially prudent for those who are independently wealthy, own a business, are partial owners of a long term family business, or who are entering into a second marriage to consider. 

Divorce or death will cause heartbreak, but it doesn’t have to lead to financial instability if the proper foundation is laid. That is what these agreements do: they ensure that all parties’ financial futures are secure if the unthinkable happens. They also prevent a potentially long litigation process in the case of divorce because most of the details have been worked out in advance.

Paternity issues can be handled with DuPage County IL Divorce Lawyers


This protects the rights of the child and of the father. The Illinois Parentage Act has laid out guidelines for establishing paternity. 

You will need a lawyer if any dispute arises over paternity. You will also need a lawyer, once paternity is established, to pursue custody, parenting time, visitation, or to seek child support. Our divorce lawyers in DuPage County IL will make certain that your paternity issue is resolved quickly, so you and your child(ren) are protected.

Divorce Lawyers in DuPage County IL will protect you with domestic violence cases

Domestic Violence / Orders of Protection

According to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, any threat or physical harm against a family member or someone living in the same house, is an act of domestic violence and criminal charges may be made. Over 100,000 cases of domestic violence are reported every year in Illinois and these incidents are more common leading up to a family law dispute or divorce. 

You need to pursue legal action immediately if someone threatens to harm or harms you or your child. At Sethna & Cook, P.C., our divorce lawyers in DuPage County IL will start by obtaining a restraining order, which is typically the first step. This will prohibit the abuser from having encounters with or further harming you or the child. 

Once a restraining order is issued, we will work with you to take any next steps, including taking legal action, if it is necessary.

Your post judgement issues will be resolved by our divorce lawyers

Post Judgement Issues

After a divorce has been finalized (a judgement has been issued) it is not uncommon for the circumstances of either party’s life to change. Changes can be positive and mutually beneficial to all parties named in the judgement. These can include a promotion and salary increase at work or the party receiving alimony becoming self-sufficient. 

Changes can also be negative and difficult for all involved parties emotionally and financially. Job loss, reduction of wages, or a parent wishing to move a child out of Illinois. 

-Enforcement- Sometimes, a person may not uphold his/her obligations as set forth in the divorce decree (or judgement). When that happens, we will use every legal avenue to ensure the judgement is upheld with little disruption to your life.

-Modification- If circumstances change, modifications may need to be made to child custody, child support, spousal support / maintenance, or parenting time / visitation.

Guardianship issues will be resolved at Sethna & Cook, P.C.


Sometimes, the biological parents of a child are unable to properly provide for the health and welfare of a child. Under those circumstances, Family Court may appoint a third party as a legal guardian. Oftentimes this is another family member; a grandparent, sibling, aunt, or even a close friend of the parents.  

Legal guardianship may be difficult to obtain because it has to be proven that the biological parents are unable and unwilling to care for the child. Also, it has to be shown that guardianship is in the best interest of the child. It is especially difficult if the guardianship is contested, which happens more often than not. 

Guardianship of an adult may also be necessary if an adult has become diabled and is unable to physically care for themselves. It can also be appropriate if an adult has lost the ability to manage their own financial affairs.    

The complexities and intricacies of these issues make it essential to hire a qualified and experienced attorney. The lawyers at Sethna & Cook, P.C. offer that knowledge and experience and will assess your situation to determine the best legal path forward.

At Sethna & Cook, P.C., our divorce lawyers DuPage County IL, have the knowledge and passion to protect you and your family. With over 30 years of experience practicing family law in Illinois, we have the reputation of protecting our client’s rights through negotiation or litigation. Contact us today to receive the legal support you need and deserve for your family law issue.