Our team at Sethna & Cook, P.C. has over 40 years of experience in personal injury, criminal defense, family law and real estate and you will not find another team of attorneys as protective, passionate, and professional as we are.

We are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. We pursue every avenue, find every fact and detail about a case or transaction, and work relentlessly to ensure there is a just outcome. And, we do everything we can to protect our client’s, and their family’s, future. 

We are passionate about the law and the pursuit of justice. Our team will be your zealous advocates and take meaningful legal action to move your case forward and get you the settlement or judgement you deserve.

Above all, we are professionals. Our team of lawyers will not waste your time or money with pointless motions or frivolous legal actions. What we will do is be responsive. We will get back to you right away and make sure you are heard and your needs are attended to. What we will do is be straightforward. We are going to let you know if you are taking an unreasonable or unwinnable position, so we can make the necessary adjustments to position you and your case for the most favorable outcome possible. What we will do is be fair and reasonable, yet aggressive, to ensure your challenges are overcome and you have a successful outcome. 

Darius J. Sethna: Family Law

Darius Sethna | Sethna Cook, P.C. | Criminal Defense Attorney

Family law issues can be difficult because there is a great deal of emotion involved. Whether you are pursuing a divorce, arranging allocation of parental responsibilities, or deciding on support payments, you need to feel secure in the judgment that is made. As a family law attorney DuPage County IL, I believe it is my responsibility to protect my clients and protect their futures.

Jason A. Cook: Personal Injury

Jason Cook | Sethna & Cook, P.C. | Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases can be difficult because you or a loved one has been the victim of a tragic accident. Oftentimes, when clients come to me, they feel hopeless and powerless knowing that they have to take on a big corporation or entity that has unlimited resources. It is my job to protect my clients and my experience, passion, and willingness to pursue justice has resulted in substantial settlements and verdicts.

Whatever difficult situation you may be facing, it is essential to hire a legal team with experience and that is what Sethna & Cook, P.C. offers. But, we offer much more than practical knowledge and application of the law. We are a team that is professional and passionate about protecting you, protecting your rights, protecting your family, and protecting your future. Contact us now to receive strategic and sound legal guidance and to begin your pursuit of justice.