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What Drives My Passionate Dedication To My Clients?

I have always wanted to help people, especially when it came to the law. Many people believe the legal system is not in their favor, that it is broken. That belief has pushed me to fight for my clients and show them that they can receive the justice they deserve. As a former Assistant State’s Attorney for the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office, I had the opportunity to advocate for and litigate a fair outcome for my clients. I continue to support my family law clients as a Guardian Ad Litem, Mediator, and Family Law Attorney.

I fundamentally believe that the law does not favor one person, race, or political position. Some people may consider that viewpoint naïve. However, at its core, the legal system is set up to give everyone their day in court and that is exactly what I do for my clients. I work extremely hard and am relentless in the pursuit of justice on their behalf. 

“I will not waste your time with pointless motions. I am honest, passionate, and aggressive and will ensure you and your family’s future is secure.”

One specific case that further ignited my passion for the law was when I was appointed to represent a disabled child as a Guardian Ad Litem. There were allegations that the child was being molested by his father and they turned out to be true. My diligent investigation, preparation, and attention to detail resulted in a successful outcome for my client and empowered him to move forward into a more secure future. 

For over 20 years, I have distinguished myself as a tireless advocate for my clients and have represented a variety of individuals on a variety of legal issues. Now, I primarily work to protect families and children and really enjoy working in Family Law. I have represented and protected numerous children in the criminal and domestic relations setting. At Sethna & Cook, P.C., I have helped all of my clients work within the legal system to protect families and ensure their futures are secure. 

Other interesting facts about your Criminal Defense Lawyer Dupage County IL

My family is the most important thing to me. I am a father of two girls and I strive to make sure they are always taken care of and protected. Besides my family and the law, I am an avid Chicago sports fan and love watching and attending a variety of sporting events. 

My educational and organizational affiliations

I attended Marquette University for 3 years and transferred to Loyola University after that. At Loyola I obtained a B.A in Finance and a B.A. in Marketing. I continued my education at John Marshall Law School and after 3 year received my J.D.

During my career as a criminal defense lawyer DuPage County IL, I have been part of professional organizations including the Illinois State Bar Association and the DuPage County Bar Association (DCBA). During my tenure in the DCBA, I was part of the Judiciary Committee for 1 year and also participated in the Mentoring Program for 1 year. 

Criminal Defense Lawyer DuPage County, IL attended The John Marshall Law School
I am a member of the Illinois State Bar Association
As a personal injury lawyer DuPage County, IL, I also belong to their bar association