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What Motivates Me To Pursue Justice For My Clients? 

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a lawyer. I have always believed strongly in the importance of helping others and have been intrigued with the art of debate and crafting a compelling argument. That desire to help others makes me a compassionate and supportive advocate for my clients. And my strength in argumentation makes me a fierce courtroom litigator and drives me to be the best personal injury lawyer Dupage County IL, 

“As your attorney, it is my job to do whatever is necessary to help you, protect you, and get you the remarkable results you deserve.”

Personal injury cases can be difficult because you or a loved one has been the victim of a tragic accident. Oftentimes, when clients come to me, they feel hopeless and powerless knowing that they have to take on a big corporation or entity that has unlimited resources. It is my job to protect my clients and my experience, passion, and willingness to pursue justice has resulted in settlements and verdicts in excess of $1,000,000. 

In fact, one of my most successful cases was a medical malpractice case. My client had a foot amputated when the doctors made a critical error. Although there were several medical malpractice attorneys for the defense, I was able to negotiate a spectacular settlement. Most importantly, I was able to guarantee that my client and his family were able to move forward from this terrible event and have a fulfilling future.

For over 20 years, I have represented a variety of individual and corporate clients in personal injury cases and have been laser focused on obtaining the most favorable outcomes for my clients. As such, I have received numerous successful verdicts and settlements for a variety of cases. My clients have recovered millions of dollars for construction injuries, products liability cases, property damage disputes, business torts, evictions, contract disputes, personal injury, and wrongful death. Every time a lucrative settlement is made or verdict is rendered, I walk away with a great feeling, knowing that I have protected my client and his/her future. 

Other interesting aspects about your personal injury lawyer Dupage County IL

Throughout law school, I worked full-time as a clerk / paralegal at a litigation firm in Chicago. This gave me the opportunity to go to the Daley Center or Federal Dirksen Building to observe cases that were in trial. You may be thinking, “wow, that is really nerdy,” and it is. However, these experiences allowed me to see the strengths and weaknesses that other attorneys had. I saw what it meant to be a professional and respectful attorney with the passion to fight for the best interests of my clients. These experiences further pushed me to hone my skills as a lawyer, so I can be the zealous advocate that you need for your personal injury case. 

Aside from being a personal injury lawyer DuPage County IL, I have an active personal life as well. I have twin daughters and they mean everything to me. I have been a coach for them in basketball and fast pitch softball for years and love to bring some of my courtroom competitiveness to the games. I love all Chicago sports, especially The Cubs. Don’t worry, if you are a White Sox fan, I will still put all my determination and effort into your case. 

My educational and organizational affiliations

I attended DePaul University and graduated with a B.A. in political science in 1994. Shortly thereafter, I furthered my education at The John Marshall Law School and it is there that I obtained my J.D. in 2000.

Throughout my career I have been a member of many professional organizations including: the Illinois State Bar Association, Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, Chicago Bar Association, DuPage County Bar Association, Kane County Bar Association, Will County Bar Association and Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association, among other industry trade groups.   

Personal Injury Lawyer DuPage County, IL attended The John Marshall Law School
My undergraduate degree is from DePaul University
I am a member of the Illinois State Bar Association
Your personal injury lawyer DuPage County, IL is a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
I am also a member of the Chicago Bar Association
As a personal injury lawyer DuPage County, IL, I also belong to their bar association