Although marijuana has been legalized in Illinois, you will still need a criminal defense attorney DuPage County IL for marijuana DUI or other related charges

Illinois has joined other states in the legalization of marijuana. However, laws related to usage must still be followed. And if you’ve violated a marijuana law, you will need a criminal defense attorney DuPage County IL. 

It is not legal everywhere. You can’t just consume where you want or when you want. It is important to keep in mind that if you plan on smoking or consuming marijuana, it is expected to be done in the personal privacy of one’s own residence, or on-site at a cannabis-related company. 

Like alcohol, this is not an activity permitted at any kind of public place, in a motor vehicle, or in the presence of some who is under the age of 21. On top of that, any Property manager can forbid it on their residential or commercial property if they see fit. Colleges and universities are also able to create their own policies regarding marijuana usage.

There are laws regarding possession and consumption

Like most leisure opportunities, there are limits on who can purchase marijuana and also just how much they can possess at once. Like alcohol consumption, a person must be 21-years-old or older to purchase marijuana in any form.

In addition, you can’t just start growing marijuana on your patio. With the exception of medical marijuana clients, it is illegal for homeowners to grow cannabis in the house. This offense might lead to a civil penalty. Currently, Illinois has 20 clinical growing centers operating and accredited to grow. 

You also need to be a licensed vendor to sell / distribute marijuana. Right now the only  legal sellers are medical marijuana dispensaries. Illinois has begun issuing additional licenses to new stores and it is anticipated that there will be about 290 stores open and legally certified to sell in Illinois by 2022. 

On top of that, there are limitations on how much an individual can have at one time. Below are the legal limits for each and every kind of the compound:

  • Weed: 30 Grams
  • Marijuana Concentrate: 5 grams
  • THC in Edibles: 500 milligrams.

Those who are visiting Illinois are only allowed to possess half that amount.

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It is illegal to Drive Under the Influence of marijuana

Any driver under the influence of marijuana can be charged with a DUI. Before the legalization of Cannabis in the state this was true. If you have a blood THC concentration of 5 nanograms or more per millimeter, you can be found guilty of a DUI. Even if you are not impaired, you can still be charged.  

Our criminal defense attorney DuPage County IL know the new laws regarding marijuana legalization and will protect your rights

On the day Illinois legalized marijuana, the state reported cannabis sales of over $3.2 million throughout the state. This number got to almost $40 million by the end of the very first month. This change in Illinois has resulted in new laws and even stricter enforcement of existing marijuana laws. 

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