If your loved one is injured in a nursing home, you may need a nursing home lawyer Wheaton

When we have to make the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, we expect that they will be cared for so they can live their lives comfortably and with dignity. On occasion a medical mishap may occur due to mobility or cognitive issues that some elderly people can experience. However, when there is evidence of abuse or neglect, you have every right to act on behalf of your family member and hire a nursing home lawyer Wheaton. 

If your loved one has suffered an unexpected or unexplained injury in an Illinois Nursing Home, it may be a result of abuse or neglect. You will need to hire an attorney to investigate the care and treatment that was received and to protect their rights. You will want an attorney to seek compensation for any medical care and unjust pain and suffering.

At Sethna & Cook, P.C., our nursing home lawyer Wheaton has the knowledge, experience, and desire to seek justice for you and your loved one.

Common Causes of Nursing Home Injuries

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Nursing home injuries may sometimes be the result of inadequate staffing. At times, nursing home companies who operate with too few staff members are more concerned about their bottom line, rather than health and welfare of their residents. That means that there are not enough nurses, nurses aides, or other staff members to properly supervise and care for the residents. This can lead to unnecessary and dangerous nursing home injuries. 

Without proper staffing, patients who need additional help toileting may be forced to wait an unreasonable amount of time. Without proper staffing, bedridden patients may not be checked on frequently enough. And without proper staffing, preventable injuries will occur more frequently and may be more severe. You will need to act immediately and hire a nursing home lawyer Wheaton if you suspect an injury occurred from neglect or abuse.  

Aside from staffing, poorly trained staff and poor management can also be the cause of nursing home injuries. When nursing home staff do not have proper training or supervision they may be unable to act appropriately when a patient needs assistance. They may make careless and uninformed decisions that can have dangerous and even deadly results. 

Another issue may be the use of physically restraining residents who are more likely to fall. If there is no documented medical need for restraints, it is illegal to use them for purposes of convenience or discipline. There are numerous alternatives to physical and chemical restraints and your loved one deserves better.

When you contact Sethna & Cook, our nursing home lawyer Wheaton will do everything in his power to uncover any underlying causes of neglect or abuse that has resulted in a nursing home injury to your loved one. It is imperative that you have an attorney that has an in-depth understanding of federal and state laws regarding nursing home care. It is also essential that you have attorneys like ours, who care about seeking justice for you and your loved one.

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Common nursing home injuries

Nursing home residents need to be closely monitored and assisted, especially those who are most vulnerable, such as elderly with mobility or cognitive impairments. They should also be provided with assistive devices like canes, wheelchairs, or walkers to prevent unnecessary injuries. When they are not they may experience an injury.

Make sure you contact a nursing home lawyer Wheaton if your family member has sustained a nursing home injury

The most common nursing home injuries are:

  • Bedrail injuries. Bedrails may be used to keep a resident in bed. However, they can be dangerous and when a elderly person tries to get up the bedrail may actually cause them to fall. In addition, an elderly person may get stuck in between the bedrail and mattress, which can lead to injury.
  • Broken Bones.
  • Concussions.
  • Bedsores. Bedsores can consist of skin damage, necrosis, or infections. There are four stages and at the fourth stage the skin actually dies and bone may be exposed. Bedsores are most common in bedridden patients when they are not attended to as frequently as needed. 
  • Falls. 
  • Infections. Numerous illnesses can lead to infections such as: influenza, pneumonia, respiratory infections, skin and soft tissue infections, and urinary tract infections. Nursing home staff members are expected to protect residents from these illnesses and potential outbreaks.
  • Spinal Injuries

You may need a nursing home lawyer Wheaton to pursue justice for your loved one

It is heartbreaking when you find out a family member in a nursing home has been injured. It is infuriating to find out that the injury stemmed from neglect or abuse by those you trusted to care for your loved one. Our nursing home lawyer Wheaton is here to ensure that your family gets the justice they deserve. At Sethna & Cook, P.C., we have experience and passion and are dedicated to protecting you and your family.