6 Tips From Our Divorce Lawyer, Darius Sethna

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You or your spouse may have said, “I want a divorce,” and the idea of ending your marriage is painful. Our divorce lawyer, Darius Sethna, will make sure you understand the process and help you plan for your future. We’ll go through 6 tips for getting divorced in Illinois, so you can feel confident when navigating your separation from your spouse.

The difficulty about divorce is that it is both a legal process and an emotional one. In addition, it can be expensive and it may take some time to complete. The following tips will help guide you through this process so everyone involved feels satisfied with the outcome of their case.

1. Hire an attorney

Hiring a divorce lawyer is the most important step you can take in your process. Sethna Cook has an attorney that will help you understand the legal process, your rights and responsibilities, and how to address financial issues. Divorce is both a financial and emotional process; hiring a divorce lawyer, like Darius Sethna, can help you navigate both of these aspects of divorce with confidence.

2. Get your important documents together

Your attorney will need to have a variety of information to help you determine what your goals are for your settlement or judgment. You will need to get bank statements, tax returns, retirement account statements, credit card statements, bills, pay stubs, and other financial documents. Having all of these ready for your divorce lawyer will get the process started off more easily. 

3. Inventory your assets

The first step in getting your finances in order is to understand your situation. The best way to do this is by taking stock of what assets and debts you have, as well as how much money you make and spend on a monthly basis. You also want to document all of the marital and non-marital assets, such as properties, trusts, and business holdings. 

After you’ve created a solid understanding of the financial picture, it’s time to create a budget that works for your situation. You can do this by tracking all of your expenses and income over several months, then using that information as the basis for creating a realistic budget with specific goals (such as paying off debt or saving for retirement).

With this new awareness and plan in place, it becomes easier to manage any debt problems or issues that come up—but if none exist yet, take steps now so they don’t arise later! For example: set up automatic bill payments so there are no late fees; create an emergency fund so unexpected expenses don’t throw off your budget; consider consolidating any credit card balances into one lower-interest loan; and develop an investment strategy. 

4. Minimize the negative impact on children

If you are worried about your children, get help from a therapist. The best thing for your kids is for them to see you staying calm and being supportive of each other. If there has been any abuse or neglect, then it is important to have an objective third party help you come up with an appropriate plan of action.

This doesn’t mean that they can’t be involved at all though! If they’re old enough (and capable), try talking with them about what’s going on and what their thoughts are on the situation – this could be helpful in figuring out how best to approach things emotionally without worrying too much about hurt feelings or bruised egos. Just remember: if it gets too heavy for them then stop asking questions; just let him or her know that whatever happened isn’t going away anytime soon but that everything will work itself out eventually.

Darius Sethna, our divorce lawyer, has extensive experience helping families and making sure children are not used as pawns during the divorce. He will ensure you have a solid plan that is beneficial for their future.

5. Pick your battles wisely

This is a good time to remind you that you don’t have to do everything. You don’t have to get everything. And you don’t have to be the person you don’t want to be. The more you argue over little things, like the side table lamp, the more money you have to spend on the divorce. That is less money for your future. Of course, there are things you value, that are important to you, and that are worth fighting for. You just need to remember what your long term goals are and make decisions that will help you meet those goals. 

6. Take care of yourself and your health

Now, this one may not be as fun as learning how to cook or playing a new sport, but it’s important. Take care of yourself and your health. You are going through an incredibly difficult time in your life during the divorce process, so it is vital that you stay healthy physically and mentally.

If you find yourself struggling with depression or anxiety, talk to a therapist or counselor about how they can help you cope with these feelings. Your family and friends are also great sources of support for this kind of thing—they can be a sounding board for any concerns and frustrations that arise along the way.

In addition to getting help from professionals, there are many other things that people do when they need a boost in their life: exercise regularly (at least 30 minutes five days a week), eat healthy food (think fruits and vegetables!), try new activities (like swimming), meditate daily (even if it’s just for 5 minutes). Taking care of yourself will allow you to get through this tough time better than ever before!

Our divorce attorney will help you make decisions that meet your family and financial goals

There is no right or wrong way to get divorced. You have to do what works for you, your spouse, and your children during this difficult time in your life. The important thing is that you communicate with each other and that you try not to let the divorce disrupt the family too much. If you follow these tips, then your transition from married couple to single parents should be less stressful for everyone involved. Our experienced divorce lawyer is ready to help you get the settlement or judgment you deserve. Contact Us today.